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Tuende Mission

One of the largest and most important projects of the CASA GOMA association is: “MISSIONE TUENDE”.

“Tuende” in Swahili means “let’s go”. The goal of our project is precisely to go through the streets of Goma to help the needy.

The collaborators of the association, after putting their backpacks on their shoulders, follow a different journey every week through the streets of the city in search of children, teenagers, adults in difficulty to whom they can give help.

The services offered by the TUENDE MISSION are the following:

  • Basic dressing for wounds, burns or bruises
  • Food support (donation of bread and other food in case of serious need)
  • Awareness raising (the activities of the CASA Center are explained to street children and, if the latter accept, they are accompanied to the center)

Thanks to our mission, the only one of its kind in Goma, the CASA GOMA association has the opportunity to work on the front line alongside the needy in the city; this therefore allows us to:

  • Check the changes in the city of Goma
  • Looking for the needy instead of waiting for them to come to us
  • Raise awareness of volunteering among the population (showing that you can help others for free)
  • Create a human bond between the association and the needy of the city
  • Prevent the onset of physical complications in some people (skin infections, aggravation of bruises or burns, etc.)
  • Address vulnerable people to a specific center where they can go to meet their needs and solve their problems (in the event that the CASA GOMA association is unable to intervene)

TUENDE MISSION is an activity that is carried out regularly with a minimum frequency of once a week and, as mentioned above, through specific routes established before departure, it manages to cover almost the entire area of the city of Goma and some parts of its periphery.

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of a vehicle and a driver who stops in certain areas of the established route, this mission guarantees immediate intervention in case of need for the transport of people (seriously injured, children in danger, etc.)