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In case you want to help us but you don’t have money to make a donation and you think it is not possible, don’t be discouraged! There is always a solution!

We want to give you some advice in case you want to help us raise funds useful for our mission:

Birthday gift

Is your birthday approaching and do you want to help us? Don’t ask for a gift, but tell your friends and family that you are raising money for a good cause.
Talk to your loved ones about us, about what we do and explain that you would like to be able to contribute to helping those in difficulty.

You will see that the result will be excellent and your family will also be happy with the decision you made.

Charity dinner

Your birthday is still far away but you want to help us anyway?
Do you have skills in the kitchen that you want to show to your loved ones and at the same time want to help us?

Then organize a charity dinner! You can do it with your family, friends, neighbors.
Spread the word a little, create invitation cards where you explain the reason for your dinner and what you would like to do with the proceeds from the evening!

You will see that many people will participate, especially if you prepare something that particularly attracts people or if you have culinary skills to envy!

Charity market

The charity market is one of the best and most used ways to be able to raise funds. Organizing it is not that difficult

  • Find a group of friends who agree with you in helping us.
  • Think about what you could sell at the market (used games, handicrafts, cakes, biscuits etc …)
  • Think about where you could do it (in the square in front of the municipality, outside the church of your parish, in the park outside the house, etc …)
  • Agree with people about the place to get the necessary permits (parish priest, mayor, neighbors, etc.)
  • Do some advertising

You will see that here too you will have an excellent result and you can also allow us to introduce ourselves to many other people!

A game to help

Another interesting way to help us is to organize a charity match. It doesn’t have to be football, there are many other disciplines or ways to put together the challenge and help us, for example:

  • Football match
  • Basketball game
  • Volleyball match
  • Bingo game
  • Card tournament
  • Checkers or chess tournament

And many other ways!

It will be a great way to combine fun with helping others!

There are still many ways to help us by making money, such as:

  • Lottery in the family
  • Organize a car wash with friends
  • Market of used objects / games

If you also have some advice that you want to give us to add them here, we would be very grateful to you!

Write to the email: help@casagoma.org to give us advice, information or ask us for clarifications regarding the possibility of helping us.