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Prison for minors

The CASA GOMA association has, among its activities, helping the prisoners of the Goma juvenile prison.

The activities carried out by us are mainly 3:

1 – Schooling of minors: Thanks to the presence of a school inside the prison, the CASA GOMA association, together with the NGO AVSI CONGO, deals with the schooling of prisoners in prison by supporting:

  • Salary of teachers
  • School kits (backpack, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.)
  • Pedagogical kits (blackboards, chalks, books, etc.)

2 – Psychological support: Thanks to the psychologist of the CASA GOMA association, minors locked up in prison have the opportunity to have individual and community sessions every day. Furthermore, once the child is released from prison, he is followed by the psychologist for family reintegration. If, on the other hand, the family refuses to accept the child again, CASA Center will take charge of the problem and act with the same MODUS OPERANDI that is used for street children.

3 – Legal support: There are many families who cannot afford a lawyer to be able to defend their child in court. Thanks to the CASA GOMA association, the families of the prisoners of the Goma juvenile prison are followed for free by our in-house lawyer.